5.6: Test yourself - Biology

5.6: Test yourself - Biology

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  1. S. cerevisiae has 16 chromosomes that contain the sequences of ~6000 genes. If an investigator wanted to obtain the complete sequences for all S. cerevisiae genes from NCBI, what is
    the minimum number of records that he/should could obtain that would contain all the information?

    What common feature would be found in all of the accession numbers?

  2. How do the S. cerevisiae transcript sequences in NM_______ records differ from the actual sequences of mRNAs?
  3. Each S. cerevisiae gene has a locus name, which is based on its chromosomal location. The fig- ure below shows the positions of yeast ORFs (A-E), which are located on chromosomes I-III. Beside each pair of locus names, write the letter that corresponds to its chromosomal location.
  4. The light chain of cytoplasmic dynein, a microtubule motor protein, is encoded by the S. cerevisiae DYN2 gene. Find the chromosome record with the DYN2 gene at NCBI.

    What is the locus tag (systematic name) for the gene?

    Unlike most S. cerevisiae genes, the DYN2 gene contains introns. (You may want to open the DYN2 record in the SGD and consult the Chromosomal location field for a graphical view.) What is the total length of the transcript in base pairs?

    How many exons are present in the gene?
    How long are the exons (bp)?
    How many amino acids are found in the Dyn2 protein?

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AP Biology 5.6 - PowerPoint

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