British company sells potato and tomato plant

British company sells potato and tomato plant

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Tomatoes grow on the earth and potatoes in the roots. Product is the result of grafting as crossbreeding is not possible.

British company Thompson & Morgan has launched a plant that produces potatoes and tomatoes called Tomtato. According to a video from the company published on the internet, the vegetable can produce up to 500 cherry tomatoes "sweeter than anyone who can be bought at the supermarket", besides potatoes, in the roots.

The product, which costs 14.99 pounds and is mailed, is actually a graft between a potato foot and a tomato, which, according to an expert heard by the G1, is not too difficult. to do, as both plants are in the family of solanaceae. “This has already been done experimentally, but not commercially,” explains Embrapa Clima Temperado's potato breeding program leader, Arione Pereira.

The graft consists in connecting parts of two plants, causing them to grow together, something different from the crosses of varieties that give rise to hybrid plants, with a mixture of genetic material. "It is not possible to cross potato with tomato, so what was shown in the video are two plants: tomato on top grafted on potato, on the bottom, not a hybrid", explains the retired professor of the Faculty of Agronomy of Unesp and Rural Globe consultant, Chukichi Kurozawa.

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