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Hermaphroditism is a still little known sexual anomaly, constituting a morphological and physiological disorder of an individual's sexual gonads, which simultaneously manifests testicular and ovarian tissue structure.
By karyotype analysis it is known that it's not a genetic syndrome (mono or halosomic trisomy), related to the X or Y sex chromosomes. However, it may be associated with an occurrence of dyspermia, with normal fertilization (sperm and second-order oocyte - egg) and other anomalous parallel fertilization (sperm and a globule). polar - undifferentiated egg, in theory, inactive).

The tendency of hermaphroditism is the apparent external aspect of male genitalia when testis and ovary coexist. In other situations, with two ovotetis and gonads, the genitalia has a feminine aspect.
Of course, individuals with this anomaly only reveal hermaphroditism during puberty, triggering psychosocial disorders when discovered.
Depending on the apparent anatomical type, the period of corporeal maturation may, due to hormonal stimuli, begin: the menstrual process, as well as gynecomastia (breast growth) in individuals raised as if they were men; and menstrual failure, clitoris growth, and hair appearance in individuals raised as women.