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Etiquette Tips (continued)

Etiquette Tips (continued)

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Tip 9What's wrong with drinking tap water? Know that she is well treated before arriving at your home.

Then install a scrubber on the tap and forget about the annoying carboys. Consumption of bottled water involves transportation in diesel vehicles. Need I say more?

Tip 10 - One of the major problems with water pollution comes from the habit of throwing frying oil into the plumbing. "One liter of oil can contaminate up to 1 million liters of water". Do not make this impact. Store the oil in bottles to donate it to institutions that make soap and biodiesel with it. ", informs Helio Mattar, director of the Akatu Institute.

Tip 11 - When shopping, bring your own bag, preferably those made of sturdy cloth. With this simple gesture, you will no longer participate in the sprinkling of plastic bags, which increasingly clog the dumps of major cities.

Tip 12 - Forget the elevator and use the stairs more if you have to go up or down one or two floors. After all, besides saving electricity, so much effort can result in a healthier little body.

Tip 13 - Stop and think carefully before discarding all those objects that no longer interest you. How about donating them to some charity? Rest assured: This material that is just taking up space in your home will surely be useful to many people.

Tip 14 - Plant a tree. It can absorb up to 1 ton of CO2 during its lifetime and is good shelter for birds.

Tip 15 - Separate organic waste, which serves perfectly as fertilizer, from dry waste that can be recycled, thus avoiding pollution.

Here's what can and can't be recycled.

Can Can not
Bottle and glass potRefractory microwave pan and dish glass
Pet bottleMirror
Plastic bagTissue Paper, Toilet Paper, Absorbent And Disposable Diaper
Paper and cardboardCrockery
Plastic wrapping filmDisposable shaver
Steel can, including aerosol canCarbon paper
Aluminum canSteel sponge
StyrofoamAdhesive label
Pot and bottle steel capClip and clip
Aluminum Foil And Marmitex PackagingPan handle
Long life packingPower plug
Incandescent and fluorescent lamp


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