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Etiquette Tips (continued)

Etiquette Tips (continued)

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Tip 3"Are you grosser than throwing tin or other waste out the car window?" The punishment for this gaffe is guaranteed: the waste dumped on the street is dragged by rain, clogs manholes, reaches rivers and dams, causes flooding and impairs the quality of the water we consume.

Tip 4- The devices that stay in standby mode day and night are another invention in the name of comfort. They just forgot to say that it consumes energy unnecessarily. Pull the plug out of all of them when not in use and be sure: your electricity bill will drop sharply.

Tip 5- A bright idea is to change the incandescent lamps in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry or garage for fluorescent. The reason is beyond convincing: they last up to 10 times longer, are more efficient and save up to a third of electricity.

Tip 6 - When buying appliances, choose the most efficient. It is possible to recognize them by the seal of the Procel (in national brands) or Energy Star (in imported ones). Detail: It costs nothing.

Tip 7- Hang the clothes on the clothesline instead of using the dryer. Turn to her only in the most urgent cases. And that trick of putting cloths and clothes to dry behind the fridge should be abolished as it consumes extra energy.

Tip 8 There is nothing more out of fashion than using the water hose to sweep the sidewalk. In 15 minutes, 280 liters of water run down the drain to no avail. Drive away the laziness, pick up the broom, pick up the dirt, scoop it up and then rinse the floor.


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