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Relationship in which an animal captures and kills individuals of another species to feed. Eg: snake and rat, man and cattle.

All carnivores are predatory animals. This is what happens with the lion, the wolf, the tiger, the jaguar, who hunt deer, zebras and so many other animals.

The predator can also attack and devour plants, such as the grasshopper, which, in flocks, quickly devour an entire plantation. In cases where the predated species is vegetal, predatism is usually called herbivorism.

Rare are the cases where the predator is a plant. Carnivorous plants, however, are excellent examples because they trap and digest mostly insects.

Predatism is a form of natural biological control over the population of prey species. Although predatism is unfavorable to the prey as an individual, it can favor its population, preventing excessive increase in the number of individuals, which would eventually cause competition due to lack of space, reproductive partner and food.

However, by decreasing the prey population it is possible that the predators for lack of food may decrease. As a result, the lack of predators can lead to an increase in the prey population. This regulation of population control contributes to the maintenance of ecological balance.


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