Biology Tricks (part 2)

Biology Tricks (part 2)

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Taxonomic Levels

To memorize the sequence:

Mallet 1: The king was clearly proud of his chosen son-in-law's family.

Trouble 2: Strong Lightning Fell Yesterday Doing Big Damage

Trick 3: Rand - Fi - ÇO- FThe- GE

R= kingdom; F = phylum; C = class; O= order; F = family; G= gender; E = species.


Nitrogen Bases

Macete: No DNA - Agnaldo Timoteo and Gal Costa

THE= adenine; T= thymine; G= guanine; Ç= cytosine

No RNA: Replaces Thymine with Uracila

Purified Nitrogen Bases

Mallet: PURE Water

THE= adenine; G= guanine; PUR= puric

Messenger RNA

The 3 cracks that can never finish an mRNA ribbon will be:

U THEmor THEmado
U THEmor Gbeloved
U Gbeloved THEmor

The stages of mitosis

Mallet 1: Promoting ANA Calling

Mallet 2: PI'll warm Minhale THEfriend Terectness

P= prophase; M= metaphase; THE= anaphase; T= telophase

Phases of Prophase I

Macete1: Beautiful Zebra Watching During the Day

Macete2: ZIco LED For Constant DiSso,

L= leptotene; Z= zygote; P= pachytene; D= diplomat; D= diakinesis.