How to store the toothbrush?

How to store the toothbrush?

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People often store their toothbrush in various places, such as inside the bathroom cabinet, in a drawer, in a toothbrush holder or even leaving it over the sink, sometimes using a plastic cover to protect the bristles.

But what is the ideal way to keep it so that it is always clean?

After all, if not stored properly, it can become a reservoir of microorganisms with the potential to transmit disease.

Toothbrush is a favorite target of health-damaging microbes

Where to store the brush?

As the brush is in the bathroom, which is an environment with perfect conditions for the proliferation of bacteria (by humidity, light, temperature and nutrients), it is recommended to store it in a dry and individual place, avoiding touching it in other places. family brushes.

Please note, however, that storing the brush in a closed cabinet or drawer is not best as these are hot and humid places. Ideally, opt for open brackets in dry, ventilated places, preferably at least two meters from the toilet.

You can, for example, place the brush inside an open container (such as a cup or brush holder) and leave it on a high shelf or in a large open cabinet. It is also important to store the brush in an upright position to facilitate drying of the bristles. In addition, the following recommendations apply:

- Never leave the brush in the sink as it will be exposed and will house microbes even if you have a plastic cap.
- Never dry the brush bristles with toilet paper or a towel.
- Wash your hands before brushing your teeth.
- After using the toothbrush, wash it and tap it to remove excess water.
- At night, try to spray some mouthwash on the bristles.
- Change the brush for a new one every three months or when the bristles are damaged, or after a cold, flu, etc.
- Keep the toilet lid closed when not in use.
- Prefer trash bins with lid and pedal drive, so as not to get your hands dirty.

What about work or travel?

At work, or when you are traveling, it is recommended to have a personal oral care kit that can be stored in a carry case. However, in this case the brush change should be more frequent.

When you reach your destination, it is best to remove the brush from its case and clean it as recommended above. After use, be careful not to get the case wet, and you can use a piece of paper to make it dry.

The precautions mentioned in this article are fundamental to prevent diseases caused by bacteria accumulated in the brush, including: gingivitis, periodontitis, candidiasis, caries, etc.


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