Why do roosters sing every day before dawn?

Why do roosters sing every day before dawn?

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In the animal world, there are many questions that hammer our heads and one of them is: why do roosters always sing in the morning?

So many hours for them to sing, what makes them always choose the same time? Anyone who has had the opportunity to witness in person knows that it works like a clock.

Is there a scientific explanation for this or is it just another unanswered question? Only in 2013 have scientists been able to come up with some solutions, but they are definitely not the last word. There is still a lot to research, but some things can already be solved.

Scientists at Nagoya University, led by Professor Takashi Yoshimura, have experimented with roosters to get answers to these questions. They caught several animals and left them exposed to various environments for several weeks. The animals reacted so that they could come to some conclusions.

The team tried to trick the birds by randomly placing them in bright light, loud sound, dark environments and many others, and may say that the birds have an internal clock that responds to various external stimuli. Thus, there is not only one reason why roosters sing, but several of them.

Although roosters sing religiously every morning, this is not the only time they let out their voices. You can witness them singing at any time of the day. The researchers concluded that rooster crowing has several functions and, as has been said, they react to external stimuli.

The loud noises and changes in light levels are all perceived by the rooster as a threat and he never mind: he sings to show who is in charge. In this case, the function is to shout louder at the enemy. And this does not happen only in the early hours of the day, but at any time when the animal thinks it is in danger.

Some people believe this is the real reason why they sing late in the morning, as it is at this time that the dark begins to end. But the fact that the rooster crows two hours before sunlight still puzzles scientists, who eventually considered another situation after their research.

According to the study, the rooster crowing before dawn serves to show other birds who is dominating that territory, marking their impressions. Since, during the research, several animals were together all the time, they started singing almost always at the same time, all wanting to take the lead.

"Our preliminary data suggest that the best-rated rooster has priority in morning singing and the smallest is patient enough to wait and follow it every day," says Yoshimura. That is, for scientists, lighting has nothing to do with the birds' preference for the late dawn and there is indeed a hierarchy between them.

That is, the real reason why roosters sing in the morning is not yet fully understood. Mark territory or react to stimuli? Even after thousands of years, the question has not been definitively answered. When we refer to the animal world, there is always a doubt that cannot be solved.



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