The Whys of the Animals (continued)

The Whys of the Animals (continued)

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What is the biggest whale in the world?

It is the blue whale. Adult can measure 30 meters in length! However, she only eats tiny animals. If not hunted can live more than 50 years.

Why do whales expel large jets of water?

Whales can dive for almost half an hour holding their breath, but they are forced to rise to breathe. It is the air that the whale blows upon its surface, mixing with the water, that makes this jet impressive.

Which fish swims faster?

Some fish swim very fast, such as tuna and swordfish. But the fastest is the sailfish, a 10-foot-long fish with a boat-shaped fin, which makes it also known as a sailfish. It jumps out of the water at 100 kilometers per hour!

Are all sharks dangerous?

There are over 350 shark species. Some are fierce, but most are harmless. The dwarf shark measures 20 centimeters. The whale shark, the largest fish in the world, measures 15 meters but is not dangerous. The most fearsome are the white shark, the tiger shark, which eats everything it finds, the blue shark, hammerhead shark…

Do the parrots really speak?

No, they are only able to mimic some words or phrases. The royal parrot is green, has a yellow head top and red tail, and mimics the human voice very well. It even whistles with tuning!

What is the smallest bird in the world?

It is the hummingbird, also called the hummingbird. He feeds on flower nectar and lays two eggs the size of little peas! The hummingbird flaps its wings at full speed and is capable of flying over 50 miles per hour.


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