The whys of our body

The whys of our body

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How old are we growing up? How do we get old? What are we made of? Why do people die?

In this section, we present various curiosities about the human body.

Why do we lose milk teeth?

From birth, the roots of milk teeth and definitive teeth are within the gums. Milk teeth are born between 6 months and 2 years old. By age 6, the roots of the definitive teeth develop and the milk teeth fall out to give way to them.

How old are we growing up?

Bone growth begins with birth and goes on for about 20 years. However, the skeleton is not the only one to change. In adolescence, the whole body changes: it is puberty. When we become adults, the body no longer grows.

How do we get old?

We grow old all our lives! Even if you are not old, you are older than a newborn. It cannot be said that old age begins at a precise moment. From a certain age, the body can no longer bear children, and gradually we become more fragile.

Why don't our teeth look the same?

The front teeth serve to break the food. They are boring and sharp. The canines shred the flesh. They are very pointy. The molars are large and wide, they serve to crush the food.

What is saliva for?

Saliva is important for killing microbes and making your mouth moist. When we eat, saliva wets the food and thus begins digestion. This greatly facilitates the work of the entire digestive system!

Why does our heart beat faster when we are afraid?

The heart beats all the time, but we understand better when it beats faster or stronger. When we are afraid, the whole body prepares so that we can escape at full speed. That's why the heart starts beating so fast.

Why do we get tan when we sunbathe?

The skin is very sensitive to certain rays of the sun, the ultraviolet. To protect herself, she makes a dark substance, melanin. When we are exposed to the sun, this substance is made in greater quantities and tanned. But we must not forget the sunscreen.

What is a human being?

Earth men, women and children are human beings. We are all mammals like the animals that suckle their young. But because our brains are more developed than all other animals, we are the only ones who can speak, smile, and reason.

What are we made of?

Our body is made up of thousands of cells. The cells are very small; we can only see them under the microscope. Every part of the body (bones, blood, skin, brain…) has its cells; almost all renew themselves nonstop.

Why do people die?

In old age, the organs no longer work so well. The body gets tired and has a harder time defending itself from disease. At the end of life, the heart stops beating, the brain and other organs stop working.


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