14.4: Sample Forms for Midterm Practical - Biology

14.4: Sample Forms for Midterm Practical - Biology

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Gram Stain Results

Name: ____________________________________________

Unknown Number ____________________

Unknown Color after Gram stain Gram reaction (positive or negative) Morphology

Results from Metabolic Tests

Name: __________________________________________________________

Unknown number: __________________________

Test A: Describe result A: Result (+ or -) B: Describe resultB: Result (+ or -)
Simmon’s citrate (Citrate permease)
Indole (Tryptophanase)
Lactose fermentation

Fill in only for the tests you have performed. Result descriptions could include colors, presence/absence of bubbles, colored or colorless zones around inoculation regions, etc., depending on the test used. Based on the appearance of your test, determine if the result was positive (+) or negative (-)

Watch the video: PRACTICAL TEST BIOLOGY EXPERIMENT 6 (June 2022).


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