The main biomes of the terrestrial environment

The main biomes of the terrestrial environment

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It is located in the Arctic Circle. It comprises Northern Alaska and Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Siberia.
It receives little solar energy and little precipitation, it usually occurs in the form of snow and the soil remains most of the year frosty. During the short warm season (2 months) melts the top, rich in organic matter, allowing the growth of vegetables. The subsoil is permanently frozen (permafrost).
Tundra is characterized by few species capable of withstanding unfavorable conditions. Growers are responsible for undergrowth and large areas covered by low layers of lichen and moss. There are rare woody plants like willows, but they are excessively low (creeping).

Plants complete the life cycle in a very short time: they germinate the seeds, grow, produce large flowers (compared to the size of the plants), are fertilized and bear fruit, quickly dispersing their seeds.

In summer the Tundra is full of animals: seabirds, rodents, wolves, foxes, weasels, reindeer, caribou, and swarms of flies and mosquitoes.


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