Infectious Mononucleosis

Infectious Mononucleosis

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Infectious mononucleosis or mononucleosis is a disease viral caused by the virus Epstein-barr (EBV), A.D.N virus from the herpes virus family.

The disease is characterized by an increase in the number and volume of certain types of white blood cells (mononuclear lymphocytes formed in lymphoid organs).


The disease manifests itself through an inflammation of the throat, headaches, accompanied by great fatigue.


In western countries, 80% of the population are carriers of the virus. In fact, virus contraction usually occurs in childhood. She often remains asymptomatic. However, 20% of adults secrete the virus in saliva. The latter then becomes a virus transmission pathway. Which is why infectious mononucleosis is better known as "kiss disease". Infectious mononucleosis essentially affects the teenagers.

The disease progresses favorably in about two weeks, complications are rare. Only fatigue remains. There are numerous steps to be taken in order to properly treat mononucleosis.


The symptoms and findings that the doctor makes during the clinical examination, as well as data he raises during the patient interview. Accurate diagnosis is made through blood tests in which the presence of antibodies in the blood of the sick person is detected.


Like most diseases caused by viruses, there is no treatment available or even necessary since most of the time it is self-limiting. Medicines for symptoms such as painkillers, antipyretics and if necessary medicines against motion sickness are used. It is recommended for those who have enlarged spleen who do not practice sports or activities that pose a risk of rupture.


The disease confers permanent immunity, very rarely can manifest in a second infection. There is no need for patient isolation since infection occurs only with very close or intimate contact. Although vaccination extends beyond infection, as it could theoretically prevent even some lymphocyte tumors (lymphomas), this resource with the recommended efficiency and safety does not yet exist.


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